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30.04.2008 10:31

About us

Financial-Building Union does business in the market of building of the commercial and inhabited real estate of Odessa and represents association of the commercial enterprises connected among themselves as on the basis of the corporate property, and rigid treaty obligations.
Financial-Building Union was organised in 2006 and represents young, dynamically developing structure which has put before itself arrogant problems on development at the building market and the market of financial services in the south of Ukraine.
Into structure of group of the enterprises which act under trade mark Financial-Building Union enter:
1. SU-463 Open Society "Chernomorgidrobud" - the building company;
2. Open Company "Flayton" - the licensed dealer the securities, which function is, including, realisation of release of bonds for building financing;
3. Open Company «Financial company" Talinoff "- not bank financial institution having the licence and all allowing documents for creation and management of funds of financing of building (FFB) and funds of operations with the real estate (BACKGROUND) which function is attraction of means physical and legal bodies for financing of building of concrete objects.
6. Open Company «Financial company" GRONA "- not bank financial institution having the licence for realisation of crediting physical and legal bodies.

These companies carry out the activity by a multisystem principle: one finance, others build objects of the real estate (basically a vein), the third carry out marketing and sell habitation, the fourth provide lobbying of new building projects.
Now the above-stated group of the commercial enterprises carries out building over 120 000 sq.m. of habitation in to Odessa at the expense of own and involved means.
Besides, Financial-Building Union in the financial market will carry out:
- Operations on delivery of the loans provided with property rights and the mortgage, legal and to physical persons for acquisition or building of large and small objects of the real estate, and also for realisation of any operations connected with business dealing;
- Operations with mortgaging and hypothecary securities;
- Operations with hypothecary actives;
- Speculative operations with the real estate;
- Operations on investment and introduction of new technical both technological workings out and a know-how.
Strategic problem Financial-Building Union is creation высокоинтегрированной the branched out company which would do business in various areas of economy across all Ukraine.

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